From this week’s page onward, the non-existent parody song, “The Mobster Mash” is the theme to welcome the new batch of mafia type characters. While reading, feel free to play Monster Mash if you have it**. Just pretend that the words are different. On the other hand, you don’t have to pretend anything—the original is a great song. blimpakind

**I’m such a dummy, why would you NOT have that song? 





Couch gag for The Simpsons by Sylvain Chomet.


Is this the same person who did Triplets of Belleville? Awesome!

Wow. Just wow.


                                       he’s on the move now

                                       Amos is on the fine edge,

                                       before this blows up

                                       (New page at Blimpakind)

Page Five of Blimpakind has something for everyone! Includes: Trying Times! Desperation! Confusion and Sobbing! Lots…of sobbing. Really, more sobbing than not. image

       Shifty stuff is now afoot with a new character, on the next page of                                   Blimpakind. All I can say is… oy vey.     

In June, I will be tabling another year at CAKE (Chicago Alternative Comics Expo). They kindly asked me to submit a page to their CAKE Book 2014. This is what I came up with. Since the book came out for Chicago Zinefest last weekend, I figured it was okay to put it up now. 


The third and final chapter in “The Ravenwood Affair” is up! 

And that’s it! The adventure’s over. It’s been a real treat getting to share these with y’all over the weekend. If you saw the posts about this but didn’t have time to read it, go ahead and start from the beginning when you get a chance. Don’t forget to bust out your favorite wide-brimmed fedora. 

My skilled and utterly talented friend Carter just finished doing some amazing illustrations, once again, alongside his writer friend Conor Eifler. (They did a collaborative comic a while back called The Coup, that is still by far one of the greatest things I’ve ever read. I am convinced these two were put on this earth to collaborate with each other). This story is a noir-type Indiana Jonesy story (and what do you know, Indy shows up in the flesh!). I just started reading my way through, but I love it so far! It’s really exciting, well done, and moves fast. Please head on over there and read it!

Another Monday Plug for the new ol’ web comic. Page 3 is up, despite the delays.

IMAGE EXCERPT: did I lose the opportunity to introduce a stinky roommate with this panel? the answer is yes.


First page of the new story “The Isles of Amos” is up on the Blimpakind site!




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sketch with color

if you’re out of a date, there’s always this guy.