This week there will be a TWO PAGE UPDATE! Check back tomorrow for the next page. 

On another note, this weekend I went to The Society of Illustrators to accept the Silver Medal for Drinking Buddies in the First Annual Comic Cartoon Competition. Met so many nice people, was in awe of all the talent in the room.  Want to thank them again for such a welcoming event! 



Comics for Grownups Episode 37 with Joshua Malbin, Alex Rothman, and Andrea Tsurumi is now out on iTunes. Direct RSS link for Android users here, or listen on the Web here.

In this episode we talk to Pat Dorian about his work, his varied artistic background, and the Grand…



                                FORGOT TO UPDATE! BLIMPAKIND!

Table 92A



Be nice to yourself this weekend, come to CAKE! I will be tabling there, so please stop by to say hi! It is taking place at: The Center on Halsted, 3656 N Halsted, May 31-June 1, 11am-6pm. (the much more beautiful banner was made by Carrie Vinarsky)

What will be at table 92A, you ask? Mini-comics from past and future! There is a SECRET-ish DEBUT of the current Blimpakind story (now secretly complete only in print), The Isles of Amos. Also, a regular debut of the first Blimpakind story, Drinking Buddies.There will also be the remainder of limited edition prints, original drawings, laughs and many tearful reunions.


To make a long story short, this past week was both the worst and best of my life. Therefore, making it very hard for me update Blimpakind on monday, like I oath’d I would. Nevertheless, the page is up now! check it out, as usual, at Blimpakind

The happier part of my week was tabling at TCAF for the first time. I want to thank everyone that stopped by to say hello; to fellow old/new comic pals— it was really nice to see/ meet all of you and be inspired by your great work! 

The weekly plague (9!) is up on Blimpakind! 

Even though monday is almost over, page 8 got posted. Moving deeper into the mob in another ever-creepening installment of blimpakind

From this week’s page onward, the non-existent parody song, “The Mobster Mash” is the theme to welcome the new batch of mafia type characters. While reading, feel free to play Monster Mash if you have it**. Just pretend that the words are different. On the other hand, you don’t have to pretend anything—the original is a great song. blimpakind

**I’m such a dummy, why would you NOT have that song? 





Couch gag for The Simpsons by Sylvain Chomet.


Is this the same person who did Triplets of Belleville? Awesome!

Wow. Just wow.


                                       he’s on the move now

                                       Amos is on the fine edge,

                                       before this blows up

                                       (New page at Blimpakind)

Page Five of Blimpakind has something for everyone! Includes: Trying Times! Desperation! Confusion and Sobbing! Lots…of sobbing. Really, more sobbing than not. image

       Shifty stuff is now afoot with a new character, on the next page of                                   Blimpakind. All I can say is… oy vey.